This Blog

Welcome to Love you to the Moon, and thank you for visiting! On this blog, I plan to write about many of the things that matter most to me in life:

  • My beautiful little girls – in 2013 my husband and I had our first child, a sweet little girl (Baby E). She’s not longer a little baby, but is now a big sister to our newest daughter. I love these two little girls to the moon!
  • My family – all of the people that I can be 100% myself with, and be loved for who I am
  • Friends – the people that feel like family to me!
  • Humour – an essential part of my life that makes every day fun
  • Photography – a way of capturing memories and reliving favorite moments
  • Creativity – crafts, projects, new recipes … any chance to be creative and try something new
  • Travel – the opportunity to experience new places and activities … whether it be out of the country, or just down the road!

I have set up categories so that if you’re interested in only one topic, you will know where to look.

I’m new to blogging, and would love to hear your feedback. If you visit this site, and enjoy reading, please let me know!


Please share your thoughts!

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