Her first sentence! Oh, and I think we made her afraid of bugs…

Uh-oh. I think we may have contributed to our daughter’s first fear.

So, the other day my Mom and I were sitting on the floor with Baby E. I noticed a little bug making it’s way towards her. It was sort of hopping along, getting closer and closer to my little girl. So I think I may have exclaimed “ooh! Bug!” and tried to quickly move my daughter while my Mom flicked the bug away. I didn’t really think much of it until …

The next weekend our daughter spent an afternoon with her grandparents. I should say that she absolutely loves her grandparents. As soon as we pull in the driveway, she knows where we are, and starts calling out their names: Nan & Bubba. We once had to pull back out of the drive, to park on the road, and she burst into tears. She really loves them.

Anyways, last weekend, Bubba was taking Baby E for a wheelbarrow ride around the yard. They were under the apple tree, picking apples, when Baby E said her first sentence! Well, maybe sentence is a bit optimistic! But our 17-month old strung two words together for the first time! (Proud Mama? For sure!) What did she say? “Bug … Up!”, reaching her arms up to Bubba! Hmm … Did we just contribute to her first fear?!

The next time that we see a bug, I will be making a big effort to not move away or act concerned – maybe even to point out how cute it is. We need to do whatever we can to squash this fear!


Month 2: Adding to the Baby Essentials

When you have a baby, everyone tells you to enjoy every moment as it all goes by too quickly. We heard this so many times while we were pregnant. I always smiled and nodded, but thought it might just be something that people ‘say’. Well, I am now one of those people! It’s true, time does go quickly, and babies change and grow every day – before we knew it, Baby E was already 2 months old!

Previously, I blogged about my personal list of Newborn Essentials for the 1st month. As Baby E grew, we found that there were a few new items that became useful during the 2nd month. Here is my list and my thoughts for Month 2:

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