One Mom’s Favourite Apps

I love technology. After all, I did my Masters in Educational Technology! I love finding apps that help me be more productive, stay organized, and connect with family and friends. And of course I love photos, and any apps associated with photography.

I currently have a number of apps that I love. Here are some of my favourites right now … I’d love to hear yours!

Note: as with any new technology or app, I recommend you read about the app before installing, ensure that it’s still free (as this can change over time), and determine whether the privacy features meet your standards.

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Elfie 2020: Her first week back

Elfie is back, and our children couldn’t be happier! The girls even lost sleep the night before Elfie arrived – see Elfie’s Return: Bringing Joy to the family (and maybe just a few tears!) for more on this!

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Snapshots: From a raspberry to toddlerhood

This post is in response to the weekly Discover challenge, Snapshots:

Get inspired by Andrea Jarrell’s post “A Roar for the Ages,” and tell a broad story using a series of short, focused scenes.

We are all sitting around the table at my parent’s house: my parents, brother, sister-in-law, husband and I. We have finished dinner and are chatting, when my husband asks “What time does Shoppers [Drugmart] close? Does anyone know?”. This question, seemingly out of the blue, ends up being how we break the news to our family that we are pregnant! My husband, never the best at keeping secrets, has inadvertently revealed to the family that the reason for the evening Shoppers trip is to purchase a pregnancy test. Our family is over the moon with our surprise … and even more so when we text them all later that evening to reveal the results of the pregnancy test!

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The Learning Curve of Parenthood

It’s true what they say … you’re never quite prepared for parenthood.

I am a student. I love school, and I love to learn. This year I took a workshop through my employer, and we were asked to take an extensive test to discover our top 5 strengths. One of mine was Learner. So when I found out that we were pregnant, I started researching. I read books, blogs, online articles … basically anything that I could get my hands on. I read about baby sleep, newborn behavior, bathing, nursing, and the birth. My husband and I also took a prenatal course at the hospital. The course was 4 weeks long and I remember when we were driving to the first class I mentioned that we should grab some dinner before it began. My husband commented that we could eat after the class, as it was only an hour. Oops! Somehow I had forgotten to warn my husband that the course we were enrolled in was 3 hours a night – 12 hours of learning about the birth and first few days with our baby.

Yet, even after all of this preparation, I can’t say that I was ready for the life that began when Baby E was born. I truly believe that with parenting, much of it must be learned on the job! Over the first few months I have learned many things, but here are the top 10 little things that I have learned over the past 7 months:

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Newborn Baby: The 1st Month Essentials

Well, I haven’t had a chance to post in quite a while because I have been consumed with the life of parenthood! Our little baby girl arrived 3 months ago, and our life has been forever changed. I can’t describe just how much I love little Baby E, and how happy I am to be a part of her life. I am loving the time that I spend with her!

I know when I was getting ready for our baby, I wasn’t sure what to buy. I knew that you needed a lot of things as a new parent, but when I did Google searches for “newborn essentials”, the lists were often over 50 items long!! I wanted the best for my baby, but also didn’t feel that we really needed all of the items that are marketed to parents today. So … I present to you my list – Newborn Baby: The 1st Month Essentials!

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