The first 40 weeks of the journey of your life

This post is in response to the Journey prompt from Writing 201: Poetry. The details of the prompt are:

  • The word prompt: journey. “Write a poem about anything that word evokes for you, from the excitement of a trip you’re about to embark on, the mental progress you witnessed someone make, or the struggles, pleasures, and extreme emotions that travel can bring about.”
  • The form: limerick. “The traditional rhyming scheme of a limerick is a a b b a — the first two lines rhyme, then the next two, and the final verse rhymes with the first couplet.”

It began with a simple test
The news we received was the best
In a few minute’s time
We saw the plus sign
We were pregnant, as I’m sure you have guessed!

Then over the next fourty weeks
We went through both lows and peaks
Your feet flatten out
(What’s that all about?)
So many things about which no one speaks!

But when you feel that first little kick
You don’t even care you’ve been sick!
I know how I felt
It made my heart melt
And I grabbed my husband’s hand: “Feel this! Quick!”

And then when the baby arrives
And off to the hospital you drive
It all seems a blur
You lay eyes on her
And you start the best journey of your lives!


My Guilty Pleasure … but how bad can it really be if it’s in Season 29?!

*This post was written in response to today’s Daily Challenge: Grateful and Guilty. “Whether it’s a trashy TV show, extra-pulpy fiction, or nutrient-free candy, write a thank you note to your guiltiest guilty pleasure.”

Well, I don’t like to admit it
I’m a little shy to say …
But it is my guilty pleasure
And that is the prompt today!

I know I’m not the only one
Since it’s Season 29!
There must be something good in it
It’s been going all this time!

I should just come out and say it
And I’ll get it off my chest
My guilty pleasure’s Survivor
I know … it’s not the best!

I’m not sure what it is for me
It’s partly ‘bout the travel
I’m not as much interested
In seeing them unravel

I quite like all the challenges
And those setups are insane!
And I love the strategic part
When players flex their brain!

I like the chance to see the world
And pretend that I’m there too
Although if I was really there
There’s things I wouldn’t do!

I wouldn’t throw the team’s rice out
Like the girl last season did
And I wouldn’t leave an auction
Without making a bid!

I wouldn’t wait for idol clues
To go searching in the sand
And I’d make sure I didn’t go home
With an idol in my hand!

You know, who am I kidding here?
If I were ever to go
I’d be at an all-inclusive
Not stressing on this show!