The Makings of a Wonderful Wedding Party


dinnertableTwo of our very close friends/family members were recently married. They were married in Mexico with just their immediate family, so we knew we wanted to do something special to celebrate this wonderful couple when they got back home. My parents, as their gift to the couple, decided to throw a  wedding dinner party (where the guest list was chosen by the new bride and groom). It was so much fun – I honestly haven’t laughed that much, and that continuously, in a long time! It was a wonderful group of people, and my parents did an incredible job. The party was a four course meal interspersed with party games. I helped my Mom with the planning and prep work for the games, and the rest was all thanks to my amazing parents. The party was a hit! Here are some of the games and activities we included, in case you have a party of your own coming up:

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Birthday Brunch at Jam Cafe

For my birthday last week, my husband surprised me with brunch at Jam Cafe! Neither of us had been to Jam Cafe before, but my husband had done some research on brunch places in Victoria, and Jam Cafe looked like one of the best!

Jam Cafe please wait to be seated sign
Waiting outside Jam Cafe

Jam Cafe is located at 542 Herald Street, Victoria B.C. We went on a Friday morning around 10:30am, and there was already a lineup! It was a beautiful sunny day, so we were happy to line up outside and enjoy our time together (toddler-free!). We probably waited 30-45 minutes for our little table for two … but we both agree that it was worth it!

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Blue’s Bayou Cafe: Dinner with a view

My husband and I met over 4 years ago at a Salsa dance class. He had moved here from South America, and was helping the instructor with a beginner class. Guess who was taking the beginner class, and was quickly woo’d by the smooth Salsa steps of the instructor’s helper!?

When we began dating, my husband told me that young couples in South America often count the months that they have been dating. So we began the tradition of celebrating our Monthiversary! Every month, on the date that we began dating, we would choose a restaurant that we hadn’t been to before and have a lovely dinner together. Over our first year or two, we rarely repeated a restaurant – using this as a chance to try new experiences.

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