All About Me

mandyMy name is Mandy, and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I am a daughter, wife, sister … and now a 1st time mother!

Who am I? I love being with my family, and the close friends that I consider family. I love taking photos, although I am definitely not a professional. I love dancing; Salsa dancing in particular, which is where I met my husband. And of course, I love to write. I’ve never had a blog before, but am excited to have a space to share my thoughts.

20 Random Facts about me:

1. I am a certified high school Math & English teacher – yes, you read that correctly. Math and English; they couldn’t be more different, I know! But that meant that when I was tired of working on differential equations homework, I could take a break and read a little Shakespeare!

2. I would give anything to be good enough to appear on So You Think You Can Dance!

3. We named our family dog after a goat that we met at the petting zoo. My Mom used to say that he was so ugly that he was cute.

4. I grew up living next door to my Granny and Grandpa. Best. Thing. Ever.

5. When I was younger, my favourite store was Monks. Yes … the Office Supply store. I would even ask for gift certificates for my birthday!!

6. I share a birthday with my Dad. My lucky Dad had the best birthdays ever: money in his cake, Jump the River and other games, goody bags … what more can you ask for?!

7. One of my very best friends in life is my Mom. Yes, I won the Mom Lottery!

8. When we were little, my brother and I used to put on amazing concerts for our family. Singing, dancing, lottery ticket draws … we did it all!

9. I met my husband at a Salsa dance lesson. A man with rhythm, who loves to dance. I fell in love immediately!

10. We visited the Hoover dam on a family trip when I was little. I wrote a postcard to my Grandparents on our way, telling them how excited I was to see the beaver dam.

11. I’m in my 30s, but I still think that Disneyland is one of the happiest places on earth.

12. I am not a good singer. Therefore I always feel proud when my daughter smiles or claps at my singing.

13. When my Dad, brother and I first learned to snowboard we all wore yellow rain gear on the mountain. Thus began the tradition of the ‘Banana Family’.

14. I love Math. There, I said it. Integrals, derivatives, factorization, oh my!

15. I would love to travel to Santorini in Greece. We even have a big poster of Santorini in a frame in our living room. One day…

16. My brother and I are extremely close. I didn’t have traditional bridesmaids at my wedding – I had my best friend, and my brother.

17. I like to knit – but only baby clothes. I need the instant gratification of seeing my progress on a tiny little sweater or hat.

18. Being a Mom is the best job I’ve ever had. I would do anything for my little girls.

19. The first car I bought was a standard. I didn’t know how to drive standard yet, and during the first lesson I was pretty sure I’d never learn! I told my Dad that he’d have to take my new car!

20. I love to write. Stories, articles, children’s poems … I’m so excited to be starting this blog!


Please share your thoughts!

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