Elfie’s Return: Adventures of 2021

I am writing this on December 23rd, Elfie’s last evening with us. My children are at ages this year where they are incredibly excited about Christmas, and all of the activities and traditions. Their excitement makes the season truly magical. As excited as they are for Christmas morning, there’s one thing that’s making them hesitant to count down the days: the fact that Elfie will leave us after we go to sleep on December 24th.

We’ve had a wonderful month with Elfie! With everything going on in the world these days, she arrived masked, and kept her mask on for a few days. Over the past month we’ve discovered her climbing walls, reading with friends, hang gliding, and much more. Here are some of Elfie’s highlights from this year!

Elfie arrived masked, doing her part to keep the family safe and healthy.
The next morning we caught Elfie borrowing the kids play makeup set. Although the girls did wonder how much Elfie could do with her mask still on …
One morning we found Elfie sharing a story with a few friends. I guess she’s starting to age too, as this is the first year we’ve seen her in glasses!
Here, Elfie was caught trying to climb a rope up the side of our wardrobe. We weren’t quite sure where she was headed until the next morning …
Turns out she was headed for the Dr. Pepper that my hubby keeps on top of the wardrobe!!
It looks like even Elfie has a wish list for Santa! Here we found her circling toys in the Walmart catalogue!
This was one of Elfie’s riskier activities! Hang gliding!
Here Elfie appears to be having a little picnic … with chocolate chips as the only visible snack!?
Looks like decorating didn’t go so smoothly this night! We woke up to find Elfie all tangled up in the lights!
I’m not quite sure what’s happening here … Elfie as a flower?!!
One day the kids and I baked sugar cookies. That evening our younger daughter announced that she wanted to leave some of her cookies out for Elfie: “I think she loves cookies”. Turns out she does!!
Looks like someone was craving good ole roasted marshmallows! Although with the size of that marshmallow and that tiny flame … it’s no surprise that poor Elfie’s treat isn’t even browned!

Tonight is Elfie’s last night of adventure at our house. She will definitely be missed!

Elfie is bundled up for the cold trip home – and she left a goodbye note!
The souvenir? Little elf boots!!

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