Painting Rocks

I’ve recently fallen in love with a new hobby: painting rocks. It’s something I can work on together with the kids … or I can do by myself after the kids have gone to bed. Both girls are very creative, and love to do crafts and art projects. Not only does painting rocks give us a fun and creative way to pass the time when it rains, it also gives us a great excuse to get outside when the sun returns. All thanks to the Sooke to Sidney Rock Hunt!

A friend invited me to the Sooke to Sidney Rock Hunt Facebook page. Anyone can join, there are just a few rules and etiquette guidelines to follow. Group members paint rocks and hide them in various locations from Sooke to Sidney. If you find a rock, you are invited to either keep or rehide it – and hopefully post a photo in the Facebook group so that the artist can see that someone found their creation!

We’ve been searching for rocks for awhile now, keeping our eyes open during our family hikes on the weekend. We’ve found a few rocks here and there, and we often rehide them on our walk – and sometimes we take our favourite one home with us. Coming across a rock on a hike is quite exciting! So we decided to help share the fun.

Our first rocks were painted using paint and brushes. Our eldest and I found it quite challenging to paint the images that we had in our minds. So I did some reading in the announcements section of the SS Rock Hunt page, and decided to try some of the paint pens that were recommended. These Tooli-Art Acrylic paint pens (available on Amazon) were on sale, so I ordered them. And I’m so glad I did!!

Our first batch of rocks, done using paint and brushes.

Our eldest and I have had so much fun with these pens! We can now draw whatever design we want on our rocks. We typically paint the rock with a base colour first, then use the pens for a design. These pens are definitely a game changer! The Facebook group also has a lot of information about possible sealants. Although the effect of resin is beautiful, we decided to start with something a bit simpler. It seems to do the trick!

Our eldest daughter is really enjoying this new pastime as well. She did all of the below rocks except the 3 on the bottom left. She is so creative, and always has so many ideas of what she wants to create next!

I decided to start painting rocks based on our favourite storybook characters. I thought it would be fun to hide these rocks for other young children to find! So far I’ve done the characters below, and can’t wait to create more. We have started hiding them around town – fingers crossed that they are posted in the Facebook group so I know they’ve been found, and are going to a good home!! :)

The Pigeon, Piggie, Elephant/Gerald, Pete the Cat and Peppa Pig. The first 4 are painted by me, the last one by my eldest daughter!
I painted these as well: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Olaf, Cat in the Hat, and Tigger.
Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc., Mrs. Potts & Chip from Beauty & the Beast, Winnie the Pooh and friends, Abu from Aladdin … and a random city scene!!
My Sesame Street collection
My Winnie the Pooh collection

I’m definitely hooked on this new hobby. We’ve had some gorgeous summery weather this past week, and while the girls have played outside with their toy kitchen and slide, I’ve enjoyed sitting on a lawn chair and painting in the sun!


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