One Mom’s Favourite Apps

I love technology. After all, I did my Masters in Educational Technology! I love finding apps that help me be more productive, stay organized, and connect with family and friends. And of course I love photos, and any apps associated with photography.

I currently have a number of apps that I love. Here are some of my favourites right now … I’d love to hear yours!

Note: as with any new technology or app, I recommend you read about the app before installing, ensure that it’s still free (as this can change over time), and determine whether the privacy features meet your standards.

Organization & Productivity

Recipe Keeper: This is one of my most-used apps currently. I used to come across new recipes and save them in Facebook, Pinterest, or my photos. When it came time to try out the new recipe, I could never remember where to find it! With Recipe Keeper, all of my recipes are in the same spot. I can import recipes from a photo or a website, and organize everything into categories and collections. I give each recipe a rating after we try it. It’s very easy to meal plan: I can mark recipes for different days, and even import the ingredients into a grocery list! I had to upgrade from the free version, but for me it was worth the small upfront cost!

Google Keep: This is an awesome app that I’ve been using for a long time now. You can use it to keep any important information that you don’t want to lose track of: text, photos, website links … anything! You can colour code the notes to make it easier to find things later, and even use the search feature. I keep our Memory Jar notes (see the last paragraph of my NYE post) here until I have time to record them for the jar! I also keep info about places I’d like to travel one day, important notes, and more.

Stocard: This app has filled a huge practical need for me. My wallet was literally bursting at the seams (honestly! You could see the rips!) from all of the loyalty cards I was carrying around with me. With this app I was able to load them all into Stocard … and offload the physical cards from my wallet. Now when I visit a store and they ask for my card, I simply open the app, pull up the virtual card, and they scan it from my phone!

Microsoft To Do: I just downloaded this app recently. I have yet to try out all of the features, but I’m already a fan. You can create numerous lists and tasks, add notes, files, due dates, and more. I particularly love the My Day list, where each morning you can select the tasks from your lists that you hope to accomplish today.

Connecting with Others

WhatsApp: WhatsApp is an amazing (free!) way to stay in touch with friends and family all over the world. Share messages, photos, videos, and even phone calls. When I was pregnant with our first child, we started a WhatsApp group with my husband’s family in South America so that we could tell them when our little one was on his/her way! We’ve had the chat going ever since – now we share news, photos and videos with each other on a daily basis.

Pinterest: I love to plan, and I love Pinterest because it keeps my plans organized. Pinterest is like having a huge bulletin board divided into many sections: for me it’s recipes, kids crafts, house ideas, Christmas, and so on. You can then ‘pin’ all of the ideas you find online, onto your virtual bulletin board. You can follow other people, and share your findings with friends. Just be warned … it can become a bit addictive!


Playground Buddy: This app is definitely worth a download if you have young kids! We often use this app on the weekend to find a new playground to explore. It maps out all of the playgrounds in the area, with photos and descriptions of each park and its equipment. Information is submitted by the users, and you can even get directions to the playground that you choose to visit.

Medimap: This app is a lifesaver when you have young kids. At one point or another, you will undoubtedly find yourself searching for a clinic that is open, and without a huge line up. With this app you can locate the nearest clinic with the shortest wait time.

VarageSale: When we had our first child, we spent so much money on buying baby items and clothes brand new. It took me too long to realize the amazing world of second hand baby and kids items. I have purchased and sold many items on Facebook Marketplace and VarageSale. I love Varage for the easy to use interface, and the way that it automatically tracks the order in which people express interest in an item.

Photos & Editing

Canva: This is one of my all-time favourite apps. Canva is a design app that enables you to create anything from posters, to invitations, business cards, and more. I have had so much fun with this program over the years! I have created birthday party invitations, a business card, monthly baby photo posters, first day of school posters, Christmas photo cards … there’s no limit to what you can create!

Layout: Layout is an awesome photo collage app. It’s quick and easy to use, with multiple layouts to choose from. When we go on a family adventure, I often come home with a huge number of photos! To share with the grandparents, sometimes I create a collage of our favourites instead of sending them 20 individual shots!

Snapseed: Snapseed is my favourite photo editing app. I love how it’s simple to use, but how there are so many features to explore as you become comfortable with the basics. With Snapseed you can use filters, frames, text, adjust brightness and contrast … and so much more.


Spotify: We currently use the Spotify app for our music. With Spotify you can listen to songs and podcasts, enjoy curated playlists, create and share your own playlists, and more.

These are some of my current favourites … what are yours?

Please share your thoughts!

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