Elfie 2020: Week 3 & 4

We had a lot of fun with Elfie the past couple of weeks! And once again she seems to have had a blast as well!

Day 15: Chatting to a buddy over walkie talkie
Day 16: Vet check up!
Day 17: The girls received light up ornament necklaces in their Advent calendar today … Elfie made her own necklace to match!
Day 18: Snowball fight!!!
Day 19: Looks like someone just hopped out of the bath!
Day 20: An artist at work!
Day 21: Swinging into the last week before Christmas!
Day 22: Elf hats on our family photo from last year!
Day 23: Just cruising through town!
Day 24: A Santa hat for us to try on, to keep the Christmas spirit alive while Elfie returns to the North Pole
Day 24 Part 2: Elfie’s goodbye note

It’s been a wonderful month having Elfie stay with us again. The girls absolutely love her and all of the mischief that she gets up to! The girls are sad to see her go. My husband said tonight “It’s sad to say goodbye to Elfie. She makes the girls so happy”. I responded “you’re more than welcome to invite her to stay longer, if you look after her daily needs! I love her … but she’s a rather demanding house guest!” Needless to say, we all gave Elfie a ‘goodbye for now’ hug before bed tonight. See you next year Elfie!


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