Elfie 2020: Her first week back

Elfie is back, and our children couldn’t be happier! The girls even lost sleep the night before Elfie arrived – see Elfie’s Return: Bringing Joy to the family (and maybe just a few tears!) for more on this!

Elfie had a busy first week! Here’s a glimpse of what she’s been up to:

Day 1: Reunited with good friends
Day 2: Oh Christmas Tree!
Day 3: Bedtime Stories
Day 4: Christmas Countdown
Day 5: Snapping a photo with friends!
Day 6: Making Minions!!
Day 7: Camping out

Can’t wait to see what Elfie gets up to next week!

6 thoughts on “Elfie 2020: Her first week back

      1. What fun. Forgottenman and I have “Little Duck” that we do the same with. And we are way to old to be getting a thrill out of such tomfoolery! He is featured in a number of posts on my blog. Your kids will always remember this.

      2. I just had a look at some of Little Duck’s adventures on your blog! I love it!!! So, Little Duck is with you all year? My girls would loooove that!!! :) I love that Elfie adds a little bit of excitement and magic into their days.

      3. The last time I went to visit Forgottenman, he insisted Little Duck stay with him. At one point he disappeared.. I’ll have to ask if he has reappeared.

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