Elfie’s Return: Bringing Joy to the family (and maybe just a few tears!)

Our eldest daughter started asking about Elfie’s arrival in early November. By mid-November, we had counted the days until Elfie’s arrival so many times that we decided to make a countdown calendar – for Elfie’s arrival and Christmas day!

Last night, the night of November 30th, our eldest was awake until 11:45pm. She could not stop thinking about Elfie’s return, and even came running out of her room once when she swore she heard Elfie on the roof, and later when thought she saw Elfie’s shadow move across the room!

Our youngest daughter couldn’t picture Elfie in her mind. I think when she thought of Elfie she imagined a combination of the elves from her new favourite movie The Christmas Chronicles, and the Genie from Aladdin (for some reason she calls him an elf!). Needless to say, she was less than thrilled about Elfie’s imminent arrival and kept asking me whether Elfie would come into her bedroom, or play with her toys. Once I explained that Elfie would look more like her stuffed animals, and reassured her that Elfie wouldn’t show up in her room tonight, she seemed to relax and was able to get to sleep.

You may recall Elfie’s arrival last year. Elfie surprised our daughters by decorating their bedroom door with a snowman that she had made out of paper. Although I can only imagine that Elfie had the very best intentions of bringing festive feelings of joy to the household … things didn’t quite go as she’d planned. Our eldest daughter woke up early, extremely excited to search the house for Elfie. She leaped out of bed and ran out of her room. On the way out, she caught a glimpse of a snowman on her door. My husband and I awoke that December 1st morning to screams and cries from our eldest daughter, tears streaming down her face amidst shouts about creepy eyes. It was not Efie’s finest moment.

Thankfully Daddy was able to save the day and make a few minor adjustments to Elfie’s depiction of the snowman’s eyes … and then it was requested that the snowman perhaps be removed completely from the bedroom door.

It seems that Elfie was a bit nervous after the reaction to last year’s return, and decided to play it safe this year. She stuck to the living room (likely to avoid scaring the young child) and found a place out of the way, on the fireplace mantle. The girls woke up early and were very eager to search for Elfie! They found her hanging out with her friends, happy to be back with us for another month of fun. She brings a lot of joy to our family (most of the time!) which is something we welcome with open arms this year.

Day 1: Back with friends and family!

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