Monsters in the Making: A fun kids craft

My parents gave our daughter a craft book for Christmas last year: Art Sparks by Marion Abrams, Hilary Emerson. My daughter and I both love this book. It contains 53 projects, many of which you can do with supplies that you already have at home.

Our most recent project? Making Monsters!!!

One of the projects in the book is to make felt monster stuffies. The monsters are made out of felt pieces that you can cut in any shape you wish. You then sew the monster together and stuff it with batting to complete your stuffie!

The first monster that our eldest daughter made was Steve. She came up with the design and cut out all of the pieces on her own. As she was working on the features of his face she said “Mama, I made the teeth!”. I misheard her and thought she had said “Mama, I made Steve”, to which I responded “Who’s Steve?”. And thus Steve was named :)

The next day, our youngest and I created a monster for her. She’s only 2.5 years old, so I was responsible for all of the cutting and glueing … and sewing … but she made all of the design decisions! She chose the colours and determined what facial features her monster would have and how they would be arranged. This guy has yet to be named.

Our eldest has now created a Mommy and Baby monster pair that will be given as a gift later this month. We’ve had so much fun making these little monsters and can’t wait to make more!


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