Changing up our furniture: A little paint goes a long way

I am still off work due to COVID-19. I have the girls home with me, which is certainly keeping me busy … but I also feel like this is the best time to get a few projects done!

I really wanted to re-organize the girls’ room. They started sharing a room a number of months ago, but we sort of unceremoniously got our littlest one a second hand toddler bed, popped it into our eldest daughter’s room, and that was it. Now I’d like to make the space belong to them both, and make it look tidier and prettier.

And so the projects began!!!

Project #1. A chair for our 7-year old’s desk: We bought our eldest a desk for her birthday a few years ago and she loves it. She’s been sitting at a bench but it’s a bit tippy sometimes. I found a very inexpensive wooden chair over a year ago, and just never got around to painting it … until now!

Desk chair – BEFORE
Desk chair – AFTER
Desk chair – IN ACTION

Project #2. A night stand for the girls’ room: I’ve been looking for a cute night stand online for quite some time now. I didn’t want to spend too much money. Then the other day I scored this piece of furniture for $10! With a little paint, it’s the perfect place for storing flashlights, slippers, books and more!

Night stand – BEFORE
Night stand – AFTER
Night stand – IN ACTION

Project #3. A bed frame for our eldest: Our eldest doesn’t have a headboard and footboard for her bed – just the basic metal frame. I felt like it would really bring the room together if they had (almost) matching beds. I saw this second hand IKEA bed frame last week, and I jumped at it! It looks gorgeous, and very similar style to our little one’s bed! It wasn’t the right colour, but the paint was sooo much cheaper than buying the bed frame brand new.

Bed Frame – BEFORE
Bed Frame – IN ACTION

Project #4. Patio Table: My brother got me this table for free, awhile back. It was a dark green colour, and I actually tried painting it purple first! It didn’t turn out quite how I’d imagined it in my head … so I decided to try again. This time classic black. I love it. I can see us enjoying many family dinners and lunches on the patio this summer!

Unfortunately no before pic of this one!

Patio table – AFTER
Patio table – IN ACTION

I’m on a roll now!! Next up: the coffee table, and the buffet/cupboard that holds all of our nice dishes! I’m transforming our house one piece of furniture at a time!

Please share your thoughts!

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