Turning 7 during isolation: Making our daughter’s birthday special

Like many children, our eldest daughter recently celebrated her birthday during self-isolation. I was determined to make sure that she had a memorable birthday – despite the fact that she couldn’t have the birthday party she had been dreaming of (and talking about!) for months.

I set out to create a memorable and imaginative 7th birthday … all within our house! Here’s what I decided to do:

Hidden Birthday Notes: To celebrate turning 7, I hid 7 birthday sticky notes around the house. Each note said something different, and our daughter had fun finding them all when she woke up!

Signs for the front yard: Using cereal boxes salvaged from our recycling bin, and coloured construction paper, I created bright signs that said “Happy 7th Birthday”. I intended to put these on sticks in the front yard, but ended up using them to decorate inside.

Streamers on her bedroom door: This is a yearly tradition that our daughter loves. After she’s gone to bed, I tape two different colours of streamers in stripes covering her doorway. This makes for a grand entrance when she leaves her bedroom the next morning!

Birthday girl crown: I had a few extra headbands from a previous birthday craft, so I used two of these to create birthday crowns. One for the birthday girl, and one for the sister of the birthday girl. These were a huge hit – the girls wore their crowns most of the day!

Her favourite food: Of course I made sure to make our daughter’s favourite meals to help make her birthday special! Gluten free cinnamon buns for breakfast, and homemade sushi for dinner!

Birthday scavenger hunt: To make the morning fun, I created a birthday treasure hunt. We had a few smaller gifts for our daughter to open when she woke up, but she had to find the main gift by following the rhyming clues that I wrote! She loved this activity … and she was sure to mention that I got the idea for this from the Easter Bunny this year (who happened to do something similar)!

Decorate the kitchen: Every birthday, I pull out our Happy Birthday sign and hanging paper globes to decorate the kitchen. This year I also used the window markers to write birthday messages on our glass front door!

In the end, it was a wonderful birthday celebration. It was very different from other years, but that night when we were snuggling before bed, our daughter said that the day was “epic and amazing smushed together”. That’s all I needed to hear!

Please share your thoughts!

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