Creating a Drive-in Theater at Home for our first Disney Movie Showing

One lazy Sunday morning (pre-COVID-19), we were looking for something relaxing to do as a family. It was a dark, rainy day … a perfect movie day! Our eldest is at the age where we felt she might be ready for her first Disney movie. She and I also felt like crafting! We decided to put the two together and create our own Drive-in Movie theater.

Of course, our daughter had no idea what a drive-in theater is all about, so we started by showing her a few photos online. She loved the idea! Our little family hopped in the car, and headed into town for supplies. We opted for a big, brand new box from UHaul, but getting a used one would be more cost effective. This thing barely fit in our trunk! Next stop was the grocery store, where we each picked out a movie treat for later!

Once we were back home, we started creating our car for the drive-in! We cut out and coloured wheels, headlights, tail lights, a steering wheel … and cut out a door for her to climb in. We snacked on some fruit while crafting, then Miss E hopped in her car with her movie treat. She spent the entire movie in her new car! And in fact sat in there many times over the weeks to come … to be honest, it was very tough to get the car out to the recycling eventually!!

So what movie did we end up watching? A Disney Classic … Cinderella! It’s funny how different it was than what I remember as a child, but our daughter enjoyed it. I often use the Commonsense Media website to help me determine whether a movie might be suitable. Movies are rated based on categories such as Educational Value, Positive Messages, Violence & Scariness, and Language. There is also a description under “What Parents Need to Know” that details any scary parts or other aspects of the movie that might not be appropriate for a particular age/child. Cinderella is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Can’t wait for our next drive-in movie night!

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