At Home Learning: April 3rd

School started a bit late today. The girls were playing so nicely together after breakfast … I didn’t want to interrupt them! They played in their room, chatting away, playing with the Barbies. It was very sweet to see. I just enjoyed the peaceful play time and waited until they were ready for something different. Then we started class! We didn’t follow our school timetable, but we did some fun activities that our 6-year old really enjoyed.


We started with a short writing practice. My eldest and I reviewed the lesson we had the other day about writing a letter. I asked her the components of the letter and we brainstormed silly greetings (Yo dude! What’s up?). At school, our daughter has one teacher Monday through Thursday and then a different teacher on Fridays. We decided to write a letter to her Friday teacher. I printed off this Lined Writing Paper with Center Guide from K12 Reader. This website also has many other lined writing paper to choose from. Our daughter wrote a letter about what she’s been up to lately, and we took a photo and emailed it.


This morning we played a game of Math Bingo! I found this blank Bingo card from McGuffey School District. I asked my daughter to write numbers 1-24 on the card, in any squares she wanted. I then used my mini chalkboard and wrote basic math questions. E.g. What is 9 + 5? What is the double of 4? What is the double of 3, plus 1? For each question, our daughter did the math in her head and found the answer on her Bingo card. We used markers from another game, and played until she had completed an entire row. It was a fun and easy way to review some Math skills!

Art/Craft Project

Next it was time for Art/Crafts! My sweet Mom had sent us a craft a few days ago, all of the pieces pre-cut and organized. Both girls loved opening up the project, and putting together their owl bookmark. Here are the finished products, from left to right: my 2 year old’s owl, mine, and my 6 year-old’s owl.

Podcast Stories

When it was time for outside play, we looked out the window and saw the rain pouring down. Yesterday it was hail!! Instead of going outside, I started to prepare lunch, and the girls listened to a podcast called Story Pirates. Our eldest loves these podcasts! According to their website, the Story Pirates are not your average pirate: they are “searching for a different kind of treasure: kids’ wildest, most imaginative stories”. They take stories written by children and turn them into theater. I’m feeling a future Writing project … maybe we can submit our own story to the show!

Just for Fun!

We were looking for something fun to do after dinner tonight, and I had come across this article earlier today: 30 fun things your kid can ask Alexa on your Amazon Echo (by Today’s Parent). We quite enjoyed chatting with Alexa! A few of the examples in the article wouldn’t work for us, but we also came across a few other fun ones along the way:

“Alexa, sing us a song.”

“Alexa, teach me a prank”

“Alexa, what’s up?”

“Alexa, open Guess the Animal Sound” – the kids loved this!

“Alexa, start Song Quiz” – this was so much fun!

Note: For some of the above, the skill needs to first be enabled through the Alexa app.

One of my favourite tweets! Image from FunnyTweeter

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