At Home Learning: Day 8 & 9

Still enjoying Spring Break over here (at home in isolation of course!); not yet worrying about school work so much. We tried some new crafts, fun activities and cooking that we thought others might enjoy trying too!

Arts, Crafts & Cooking

Strawberry Cream Popsicles

Yesterday we tried our 3rd popsicle recipe! We bought a couple bags of frozen fruit at Costco a little while back and are working our way through them!! This time we tried Strawberry Cream Popsicles by Kitchen Dreaming. We used our mixed frozen berries instead of fresh strawberries. Both girls really enjoyed them, but my eldest says that her favourite so far is still the first recipe we tried on Day 1!

Living Room Fort

Yesterday afternoon we decided to build a fort. At my eldest daughter’s request, we went all out! It takes up most of our living room and uses 4 chairs, 4 sheets, and even a big cardboard box as an entry tunnel!! We strung up some star lights for decoration … the girls are loving their new hide-away!

Science & Animals

Animals in our Living Room

This afternoon we had fun with Google Chrome, and a few unexpected guests! Using Chrome, you can search for an animal and use your phone to make it “appear” in 3D in your living room! There are 24 animals to choose from, and we almost tried them all! We had fun snapping photos of us with the animals: feeding an apple to a horse, ducking for cover as an eagle flew overhead, and patting a dog. Both of our kids loved it! To try for yourself, check out Hands-on with 3D Animals in Google Search by 9To5Google.

Reading & Writing & Math

Yesterday, while the little one napped, my eldest and I played the board games that we made on Day 5-7! Squeezing in a little bit of Math and Literacy practice!

Exercise & The Outdoors

Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday was a bit of a cold and rainy day, but the girls and I really wanted some fresh air (some “time in nature” as my eldest always says!). So we put on our rain boots and coats, and headed out in search of puddles! I printed off two scavenger hunts to take with us: a Sensory Nature Scavenger Hunt for my eldest and a Hiking Scavenger Hunt (visual) for my youngest. We put them in ziplock bags to keep the paper dry, and took along markers to track our progress. Both girls loved the “treasure” hunts – and had lots of fun in the puddles as well!

Music & Languages

Cirque du Soleil Special

This afternoon before dinner we watched a free 60-minute Cirque du Soleil special. Not all of the acts are aimed at kids, but there were some pretty phenomenal acrobatics.

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