At Home Learning: Day 5-7

We’ve been taking it easy the past few days. Recognizing that it’s still technically Spring Break, we’ve been trying to relax a bit and just enjoy time together. But we have tried a few new fun activities that I want to share with you!

Exercise & The Outdoors

We’ve been trying to get the girls outside every day – on their bikes, scooters … even if it’s just up and down the driveway! We took some time to teach our eldest daughter the hand signals for biking so that she can ride safely.

Reading & Writing

Secret Messages

Yesterday the girls and I tried a fun Secret Message Activity by Simply Outrageous Youth. All you need for this is a white crayon, paper, and paints. Use the white crayon to write or draw a secret message. Then someone else can reveal the message by painting over the page! I wrote a secret message for my eldest daughter, and drew a picture for my youngest. They both loved the activity. My eldest created the message below for me!

Make your own Board Game

This afternoon my eldest and I had a lot of fun creating our own board games! We were checking out the Maker Stations website by Brooke Brown, and one of the activities was to create a board game (pages 18-23). The website includes examples, and print outs that you can use. We each created a game, and glued our game boards onto a piece of cardboard so that they will last longer. One of the print outs from the website is a template for the game instructions: a great way for my eldest to practice a bit of writing! This is the game she created. She loved colouring all of the squares, decorating tbe cardboard border, and coming up with the actions for her special squares!

I worked on a board game as well, which I quite enjoyed! For mine I decided to incorporate a bit of Math and Literacy. I made up cards that match the colours on my board – complete the card correctly, and get the chance to roll again! My daughter helped me name my game, and create the cards. We ran out of time today and didn’t get to actually play our games … we are looking forward to doing that tomorrow!

Science & Animals

The Calgary Zoo Daily Dose

The Calgary Zoo Daily Dose is a behind the scenes look at the animals at the zoo. We started a few days back and watched the videos about the hippos and monkeys. So much fun!

Arts, Crafts & Cooking

Peanut Butter Popsicles

The girls have been loving the fruit yogurt popsicles we made the other day … we are down to our last two! So this afternoon we tried another popsicle recipe: Peanut Butter Banana Yogurt Popsicles! I love peanut butter … and so does my youngest … but I’m not sure that the girls are 100% sold on these popsicles yet! We’ll have to see how they are received tomorrow!

Handprint Elmo & Cookie Monster

While my eldest daughter and I worked on our board games this afternoon, my hubby helped our youngest with a craft of her own. Our little one loves Elmo. She has an Elmo doll, and multiple Elmo books. Our eldest chose this craft for her sister: Handprint Cookie Monster & Elmo. Although my husband said that he ended up doing the vast majority of the work, she was delighted with the finished product!!

Please share your thoughts!

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