At Home Learning: Day 4

Day 4 was a very quiet day. We were all tired, and just felt like taking it easy! We tried out a few new activities, but kept it pretty low key.

Arts, Crafts & Cooking

Printed Colouring Pages

In the morning the girls and I tried out a new website for printing colouring pages: Just Color. Animals, celebrations, educational topics, Disney, TV characters … this page has it all! Half the fun for the girls was browsing through all of the pages and choosing which to print. For our youngest, the other highlight was running to the printer to retrieve the paper!! Our girls were most interested in Frozen and Paw Patrol, but there are so many other choices!

More Cardboard Creations

Our eldest absolutely loved making the cardboard Barbie bedroom the day before. So when our youngest went for her nap, our eldest asked if we could do another Barbie craft project! I asked her what the Barbies need most, and she thought about it for a minute and decided they need a larger vehicle!! They only have the one convertible. While it’s great for when Barbie and Ken can escape the dream house for date night together, it’s not a practical vehicle for family outings! Luckily we have a few extra boxes lying around, so we got to work. We decided to make a van for the family, to fit as many people as possible. We started by cutting out the windows, and then we used small pieces of paper to collage the outside. We made seats out of cardboard covered in paper, and my daughter drew wheels and a steering wheel. It took us most of the afternoon, but we both loved doing it!

Reading & Writing

Dialogue Bubbles

We had fun colouring our pictures from the website above. Then for our eldest, I asked her to add a speech or thought bubble for each character in her pictures. She loved doing this, and it gave her a little “hidden” writing practice!

A Walk down Memory Lane

Before heading to bed for our story time, I pulled a few photo albums off the shelf. Before having the girls, I was big on scrapbooking. I started with paper scrapbooks and cutting out borders and titles and constructing these beautifully decorated pages. I have such great memories of having scrapbooking evenings with my best friend, both working on our pages and chatting and spending time together. Over the years we transitioned to digital scrapbooks, getting them printed through Costco, Apple, or other online companies. Last night the four of us sat on the couch together and flipped through a few of these books: from my twenties, then the year my husband and I met, our wedding, and our honeymoon. We had so much fun reading the little stories I had written in the books, and showing our girls pictures of us from when we were younger! I had started scrapbooks for the girls recently on my phone, but just photos. After looking through these albums with my family, I realize how important the words and stories are. Reading those took us right back to that day, and brought back all of the feelings from those experiences. I will be starting to work on more books ASAP! Years from now we will be able to snuggle together on the couch and relive all of the amazing family experiences we’ve shared together.

Please share your thoughts!

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