At Home Learning: Day 3

At Home Learning Day 3! Another fun day with our girls. Daddy got the girls outside again for some fitness, and our eldest and I spent much of the afternoon crafting!

Exercise & The Outdoors

Patio Fitness

This morning after breakfast the family once again headed outside for some fresh air and exercise. Daddy did a run and kettle bell workout. The girls tried a YouTube workout for kids – our little one in her princess dress because … fashion! The girls did Kids Workout 1 Beginners by Mo Jones (I just searched for ‘workout for kids’ on YouTube) which wasn’t too bad, and got them moving and active.

Arts, Crafts & Cooking

Cardboard Construction

Our eldest daughter has become very into Barbies over the past several months. For Christmas she received a Barbie house … but we’ve recently encountered a challenge. We don’t seem to have enough rooms (most importantly beds!) for all of the people that live in the house. This afternoon my eldest and I decided to use an empty diaper box to create a new bedroom. We used scrapbooking paper and glue to wallpaper the room and install carpeting. Then my daughter made all of the accessories: windows, mirror, flower vase, doll, alarm clock, etc while I followed Kiki Mendes’ cardboard bed tutorial. We spent a couple of hours working on this (while the little one napped), and we both had so much fun!

Science & Animals

Live Cams at the San Diego Zoo

This afternoon we checked in on some of the animals at the San Diego Zoo – through their Live Cams. Koalas, giraffes (although we only only saw antelopes!), baboons, apes, owls, penguins, a tiger, and more!

Reading & Writing

Our eldest and I started another project a few days ago, and have been working on it a bit each day. She really wanted to create our very own blog. In her words she wanted a space where she and I would be “doing crafts, games, sharing ideas for [our viewer’s] life, and so much more!”

So we created a WordPress blog! My daughter chose the theme and header image, and wrote a blog introduction and About page. We made the blog private, and invited our family members to view it. We are now having so much fun filming videos for our blog! We are filming craft projects, hairstyle advice, and other art projects and activities to keep our viewers busy during this crazy time of self-isolation. We may even do some book readings, reviews, and guest interviews. The possibilities are limitless! Our daughter is so excited about this project, and it’s been so much fun to share this creative adventure with her.

Please share your thoughts!

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