At Home Learning: Day 1

It’s been quite some time since I last posted. Life with two little ones has kept me busy! But with the recent COVID-19 events, we find ourselves at home … with a lot more time on our hands!

There are lots of Facebook posts going around, with amazing lists of free resources that are available to families during the school closures around the world. It’s incredible to have these huge lists of websites … but I almost found it a bit overwhelming! So last night once the girls were asleep, I sorted through a bunch of the resources. I made a few categories: Music & Language, Art/Crafts & Cooking, Science & Animals, Exercise & the Outdoors, Math, and Reading & Writing. I browsed through a bunch of the websites that have been shared recently, and added my favourites to my category lists!

I’ve seen a lot of daily schedules that have been shared, which break down the day hour by hour into Science, Math, Outdoor time, and so on. While I definitely appreciate the value of routine and structure, I’m not sure my family is ready to go there just yet. I also saw Kristen Bell’s recent Instagram post with a letter that her daughter’s principal sent home to families. In the letter the principal said that this can be a very stressful time for parents and their children, and that it isn’t necessary to force homework on them. The principal recommends that parents and children “cuddle up together and read, read, read”. My thoughts are that our family will find our happy medium. We will use these lists I created to choose activities that interest us, and that allow us to spend quality time together expanding our knowledge and making memories. Every family will do what works best for them.

So … in case you are looking for some activities to try, I thought I would share (each day is my – perhaps lofty – goal?!) the resources and activities that we have tested out! So here goes … Day 1 of At Home Learning …

Music & Language

Counting in Spanish

This morning we snuggled together in bed when we first woke up, and watched a short Spanish lesson: Numbers in Spanish 1-10 by Homeschool Pop. We’ve just discovered Homeschool Pop (thank you to my Mom!) and we love it. The videos are short, full of fun facts, and funny!

Arts, Crafts & Cooking


For our first “Cooking” adventure, we made these yogurt fruit popsicles (which happen to be GF!) by Confetti & Bliss. One of my girls’ favourite treats is to walk over to the rec center after school and buy a locally made fruitsicle. They are absolutely delicious, and we wanted to see if we could make our own version at home. These were a big hit! We halved the recipe and it made 7 popsicles. We used honey, and plain yogurt with 1 tsp of vanilla extract as suggested in the recipe. Yum!!

Watercolour Prints

This morning all 3 of us tried a new craft: Watercolor Prints by It’s Always Autumn. This was a fun activity that even my 2 year old enjoyed! We started by using Microsoft Word to create our posters – choosing a quote, fun fonts, and a border. My 6 year old knew right away what she wanted to say: “Even though you’re small you’re still strong”. I love it! We printed these out and used the marker/ziploc bag technique from the blog. The only thing is we used computer paper instead of water colour paper, so our posters are a bit wrinkled. But we still had so much fun and my 6 year old has already displayed our artwork around the house!

Painted Mason Jars

The girls and I started another craft later this afternoon, inspired by: How to Paint Mason Jars by Making Manzanita. We’ve recently set up a big desk in our living room for the girls and I to do crafts and art (my husband already has his own desk!). Today my eldest and I decided to add some colour to the glass jars that hold all of our markers, pencil crayons, paintbrushes and so on. This was a fun and easy craft which my 2-year old helped us with as well. Although I lost the girls after the first coat! I was left to complete the third coat of paint tonight on my own after my helpers went to bed … and I think a fourth coat may still be needed tomorrow!

Science & Animals

All About Owls

It was my Mom who introduced us to Homeschool Pop through this video called Owls for Kids. All 3 of us really enjoyed this video. We learned some new facts about owls, and even laughed out loud during the video! We planned to follow up the video with an owl craft led by Nana over FaceTime, but had to postpone that until tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

Those are the new activities that we tested out today. We really enjoyed them all! If you try one of these, let us know what you think!

I will try to post again tomorrow with our adventures on Day 2…!

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