A Birthday Party Fit for a Prince and Princess


For our daughter’s 6th birthday, I asked her what theme she might like. We’ve done a few fun ones in the past, including a Fairy Party and A Walk down Main Street. After some careful consideration, our daughter asked if we could have a Prince & Princess Party. And so the planning began!

I found the idea for the invitations on Pinterest (see Owls & Monsters – A Mother’s Journey). I had the invitations printed up, painted some dowels and beads gold, and used my glue gun to put it all together. Our daughter had fun delivering the official scrolls to her friends!


I wanted to make cute goody bags that worked with our theme as well. I found some white bags at the dollar store, and these templates from hot hands bakery. I printed the Cinderella template smaller, and cut out the pieces from card stock. I made the prince bags by hand, modeled after the beast one. We filled them with cute hair elastics, bubbles, a window writer pen, sidewalk chalk, and more!


For the party decor I enlisted the help of my Mom, Godmother and brother! They all helped to make an incredible castle wall out of large sheets of cardboard. We used it outside of the dining room, and hung netting/gauze inside to complete the look.

When the kids arrived, they began by decorating their prince/princess crown. I had cut out crowns from Bristol board, and used elastic to secure them. The kids used felts, stickers, and jewels that I found at the dollar store. They also created a bracelet from beads that I had purchased at our local toy store.

The kids then moved through the various stations that I had set up. Parents of the children helped me to run the stations! We had a hair station where the children had their hair done in a fancy style complete with clips and barrettes I had purchased. My best friend’s daughter painted the children’s faces. I had purchased some vegetable based nail polish in various colors for the nail salon station, and tattoos that looked like fancy necklaces, bracelets and rings for one final station. The stations were a huge hit, and after visiting each table, the children’s prince and princess looks were complete! They showed off their new looks at the “banquet”, where we served snacks, cake and ice cream!

Our daughter had a blast at her Prince & Princess party, and I think her friends did too!

Please share your thoughts!

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