A Walk Down Main Street: A Birthday Party for our 5 year old

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Last year for our daughter’s birthday party we created a Fairy party. It was so much fun watching our daughter and her friends, seeing their excitement and amazement. Our daughter still talks about the fairies, wondering where they came from, and whether we might see them one day. So this year, my (incredible!) Mom and I decided that we would like to work on another fun party idea … A Walk Down Main Street.

Using Canva, I created invitations for the girls. I know how much our daughter loves receiving a party invitation in the mail, so we sent them out the old fashioned way.


Then my Mom, Godmother & I worked on creating a make believe Main Street. We set everything up in my parents’ front yard, and enlisted the help of our family and friends to work at the various “stores”.

When the children first arrived, and everyone had settled in, we started! The girls began at “Home” where they used various stickers and embellishments to decorate their shopping bag. In their bag they found a $5 bill (pretend money!) and their ID (which I created with Canva to match the invitations). Once their bags were all decorated and looking gorgeous, the girls headed off to the first stop on their walk down Main Street …


The Fishing Pond

The girls used the $5 in their shopping bag to rent a fishing rod. They each took a turn fishing, and “caught” a little paper bag which my best friend’s son hooked on their line. In each bag was an adorable little change purse. Our daughter helped prepare this station by painting the fish for the pond!



The Bank

The next stop was the bank. The girls showed their ID, and were given a set amount of cash by our banker (which they tucked away in their new change purse!).

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The Jewelry Store

The girls popped next door to the jewelry store, where they spent $10 to make their own bracelet/necklace. The girls seemed to enjoy sitting at the picnic table, in the sunshine, working away on this craft!

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Ice Cream Truck

It was a warm day, and we figured our little shoppers might be in need of a cool treat! The girls lined up to purchase an ice cream cone from my brother (who was even wearing a hat I made for him – which was a bit of a cross between an ice cream/soda shack hat and something that a pirate would wear!). As a side note, I was even able to find gluten-free ice cream cones from Thriftys – so wonderful!!

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The Library

Next stop was the (outdoor) library, and in an unprecedented move, the children were allowed to eat their ice cream at the library! They attended a book reading by my best friend. We had set up a blanket on the grass, and hung a sweet gauzy net (from IKEA) from a tree above.

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We have a very popular summer market here in town on Thursday nights. There are crafts for sale, food, live music … and often the silver man or bronze cowgirl. They come dressed up, painted head to toe, and they stand motionless on a block. Any time someone puts a coin in their basket/hat, they come to life! They do a few moves, and then turn back into a statue. We wanted to try something like this on Main Street, so we enlisted the help of my best friend’s daughter, a beautiful ballerina. We had a small wooden stage, and each time one of the girls put a pretend toonie in the jar, she did a short little dance (on pointe!) and then froze again in a beautiful pose. It was a big hit with the girls!!

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The Nail Salon

The girls headed over to the nail salon next, where they paid $20 (a steal!) for a manicure. While waiting, the girls also had the opportunity to get a beautiful temporary tattoo. I thought about adding a “Tattoo Parlour” to Main Street, but wasn’t sure what the other Moms would think about their 5-year old visiting our tattoo parlour … :)

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Main Street Cafe

The last stop on the adventure was the Main Street Cafe. I had once again used Canva to create a menu, which I passed out to the girls. The other servers and I took their orders (and money!) and brought their snack and drink out to them on the front deck.

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I love crafts, and love to plan things and be creative. So I really enjoyed working on this party. I had a ton of help from my Mom and Godmother, and loved spending time with them to prepare everything. I am pretty sure that it was a hit with the girls – I know my daughter definitely loved it! Now to start planning something wonderful for next year … yikes!

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