Throwing an Anniversary Party for your Parents: Fun DIY Extra Touches

My parents recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. 40 years! I knew that I wanted to do something special to celebrate so many years of marriage and love.

We are a close family. We love spending time together. I feel like I have the most incredible parents you could ask for: kind, sweet, funny, supportive, and encouraging. Their 40th anniversary was a chance to do something special for them, as a way of thanking them for everything they have done (and still do!) for us.

We had a lunch party for family and their close friends. To make it special, I worked on a few little extras during the weeks leading up to the big day:

“We Still Do” Banner

I made this banner using my banner cutter and then printed the letters and cut them out. We hung it in the living room at the party. The only thing that I might change next time is the font – deciphering the saying stumped a few people, including my parents!!


DIY Flower Vases

I saw these beautiful vases on Sweet Something Designs, and tried to create my own version. I bought 4 tall glasses at the dollar store, and printed out numbers for the year my parents were married. You can see the vases on the fireplace mantle in the photo above as well. I filled them with my Mom’s favourite flower.

Watermelon Hearts

I saw this idea on a designer life and thought it was such a sweet way to add a bit of fun to our lunch. One thing I learned is that the best cookie cutter is one where the heart shape is very pronounced, as you lose a bit of the sharpness when cutting watermelons.

Photo Balloons

Flipping through Pinterest, I came across this beautiful Balloon Chandelier by Wedding Chicks. I thought it would be the perfect way to display some photos of my parents from their wedding day, and when they were dating. I printed off some old photos, and mounted each on a black background. We wanted to have the balloons throughout the house, and didn’t actually tape them to the ceiling. Instead we attached one photo to 2 balloons so that it wouldn’t sink the balloon (this took some trial and error … and a trip back to the dollar store for more helium balloons!). But it was fun to walk through the rooms and see various photos of our parents as a young couple.

40 Years Ago Chalkboard

A very close family member has this gorgeous huge chalkboard. This is the 3rd time I have borrowed it, having used it in the past for a wedding and a birthday party. I did some research on events and other data from the year my parents were married, and pulled it all together for the chalkboard.

Hidden Rings

Wedding & Wedding Flowers listed a bridal shower game that I thought would be fun for our anniversary party. I bought a package of plastic rings from the dollar store and we hid them around the house. We told guests that the person who found the most rings would win a prize (chocolates). Quite the competition ensued (!) and the fun continues to this day … one ring remained hidden, and will be something that we continue to search for every time we are at the house!!

40 Things we Learned from our Parents

I really wanted to make a special, meaningful gift for my parents. So I enlisted my brother’s help, and we came up with a list of 40 things we have learned from our parents (some heartfelt and some humourous!). It was a walk down memory lane, and quite fun to work on. And I think our parents enjoyed it as well! I cut large stars out of bristol board and decorated the edges with glitter. I then wrote one reason on each of the 40 stars and used them to decorate the dining room. You can also see star #40 on the chalkboard in one of the above photos.

I had a lot of fun planning and creating these little extras for the party, and having the chance to do something special for amazing parents that do so much for me. I think the party was a success! :)

Please share your thoughts!

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