Adventures of Elfie 2017

This is rather late … but better late than never I suppose! Right?! I apologize for a Christmas post in February, but I promise I have a good excuse for being so late. We welcomed our second baby in December … and things have been a little, well, busy!! I’m hoping that by publishing these ideas to my blog, perhaps they can help someone next year!

I know that there are mixed feelings about Elf on the Shelf … and I get it. Inviting Elfie (as our daughter named ours) into our house has certainly created a lot of extra work. There was more than one night where I woke up in a panic, having realized that I had forgotten all about Elfie! And now that we’ve signed on … there’s no end in sight! Even the arrival of our second baby in mid-December didn’t offer us a break. Although I must admit that Elfie’s creative poses/activities took a definite hit!!

We decided not to tell our daughter the whole story about Elfie coming from the North Pole to report on children’s behavior to Santa … instead, Elfie just comes to stay with us every Christmas season. Our 4-year old daughter looooves waking up in the morning and hurrying around the house to find Elfie. Our little one is always amazed and excited when she spots Elfie and discovers what she was up to the night before. Our daughter gets very excited – I think it’s her favourite part of the day! Her reaction, the magic I see in her eyes, and how excited she is when she shows me where she’s found Elfie today, makes it all worth it!!

Here are some of the things that Elfie got up to this past Christmas season!

She’s back!!! Our 4-year old was so excited about Elfie’s return that she was awake at 5am to find out what Elfie was up to!

All aboard Elfie’s choo-choo shoe train!

We found Elfie decorating her own tree for the holidays.

Making snow (sprinkle?!) angels.

Swinging from the Christmas tree on a tire swing!

All wrapped up!!

Elfie was up late drawing a portrait of herself in the mirror!

Working on a puzzle, hoping that someone might be able to help her finish it up in the morning!

When our second baby was born, our 4-year old spent 3 nights sleeping over at her grandparents’ house, while we were in the hospital. Poor Nani – on top of looking after Baby E, she was saddled with Elfie!!! Here’s Elfie having a tea party with Nani & Bubba’s Santa.


Back home, caught in a round of Old Maid with a few friends!

Dressed up like a baby, in honour of the newest addition to our family.

Elfie has everything all set up to do a painting on this small canvas. Our daughter finished it for her when she discovered Elfie the next morning!

We can’t wait to see what Elfie gets up to next year … and the year after … oh my! What have we done!?


Please share your thoughts!

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