The Makings of a Wonderful Wedding Party


dinnertableTwo of our very close friends/family members were recently married. They were married in Mexico with just their immediate family, so we knew we wanted to do something special to celebrate this wonderful couple when they got back home. My parents, as their gift to the couple, decided to throw a  wedding dinner party (where the guest list was chosen by the new bride and groom). It was so much fun – I honestly haven’t laughed that much, and that continuously, in a long time! It was a wonderful group of people, and my parents did an incredible job. The party was a four course meal interspersed with party games. I helped my Mom with the planning and prep work for the games, and the rest was all thanks to my amazing parents. The party was a hit! Here are some of the games and activities we included, in case you have a party of your own coming up:

IMG_6547.jpg*The 4-course meal: my parents prepared an incredible meal. It consisted of 4 courses: appetizer plate (crackers, hummus, artichoke dip, cheese, and grapes), a delicious green salad with lime dressing, the main course of asparagus-stuffed chicken, broccoli rice casserole and slivered carrots, and an array of dessert options (white chocolate cheesecake, mocha chocolate cheesecake, chocolate and berry toppings, and fruit salad). My parents prepared everything in the kitchen, plated it, and served it to the guests in the dining room. It felt like we were at a very fancy restaurant, but had the place all to ourselves!

*The Hidden Phrase Game: as guests arrived at the party, they were asked to randomly select a phrase from a bowl. Guests had the entire evening to attempt to work their phrase into conservation without being called out. Some of my favorite phrases were: “Let’s get some tootsie rolls and figure this out”, and “Who invited the caveman to this tea party?” And the ones that were successfully worked into conversation, unnoticed? “You look like a confused dinosaur”, and “Never underestimate the importance of clean underwear” (expertly worked into a brief speech on marriage advice!)

*The Newlywed game: in between courses, guests played the Newlywed game. We had 2 bins of questions – 12 for the men, and 12 for the women. We had 12 guests (6 married couples), so each guest read aloud one question for the women and one for the men. My Mom and I had created a simple handout for each guest to record their answers. When a female question was read, the women wrote down their response, and we then went around the table asking the men what they thought their wife had said. This game was the reason for many of the laughs during dinner! Plus, I think we also learned a lot about the other couples (and in some cases, about our own spouse as well!!). Some of the questions we included were: (for the men) “If your wife could get rid of one of your possessions for good, what would it be?” and “What is your best ‘stupid human’ trick?” and (for the women) “What was the first meal your spouse ever cooked for you?” and “Is your car rear, front, or all-wheel drive?”

*The Saran Wrap Ball Game: I found this game when googling dinner party games online (check out this example on iSave A to Z), and I’m pretty sure we played it once as kids too! Basically you gather a bunch of different prizes/gifts that might be of interest to your guests, and wrap them in a large ball alternating between prizes, saran wrap, and wrapping paper with packing tape. One person starts with the ball and begins unwrapping while the person to their left starts rolling a pair of dice. The unwrapping continues (and the person keeps any prize they unwrap) until the person to the left rolls a pair. When this happens, the ball and dice are both passed one person to the right. When this game was played at our party, in order to share the prizes fairly (we included 12), once you won a prize you sat out the rest of the game.

boxes*Boxes with chocolate and wedding jokes: When we set the table, each guest was given a handmade box (made by Mom!) that contained a turtle chocolate and a wedding joke. After dinner, the guests opened the boxes and shared their joke!

*Our Wedding Gift to the couple: My husband and I actually gave our wedding gift prior to this party, but I wanted to share it with you here. We put together a year of ‘firsts’ for the new couple. The gift included wine, champagne, beer, and hot chocolate with Mr & Mrs mugs. Each item had a tag attached (1st Wintery Night, 1st Valentines Day, 1st Anniversary, etc.) and a little description on the back. We thought it would be a fun idea to help the new bride and groom celebrate some of the many firsts they would experience as a married couple.

The wedding party was a perfect way to celebrate the marriage of this wonderful couple. We wish them all the best in their future together!

Please share your thoughts!

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