Elfie 2016: Week 1

I know that not everyone loves Elf on the Shelf. Some think he/she is a bit creepy, and some just don’t have the time to be posing an elf every night before bed. Both concerns are incredibly valid, and have definitely crossed my mind! We have not taught our daughter any of the backstory about Elf on the Shelf – we just told her that Elfie has magic, and she often comes out to play while we are sleeping!

Every morning Baby E gets up and searches for Elfie. I hear her squeal when she finds Elfie, and she usually has a conversation with Elfie (for example, answering “Thank you Elfie!” to a note Elfie left telling her to have fun at The Nutcracker!) Despite the time it takes each night … I just cannot stop a tradition that brings such genuine happiness and amazement to my daughter’s life!

Here’s what Elfie got up to this past week:

She’s baaaaaack and she knows one of Baby E’s new favorite songs!

Super Elfie flying through the trees!

Her tutu on, ready to head to the theater and watch The Nutcracker!

A crowd has already gathered for the Santa Parade tonight!

Elfie was up late crafting – she made this little Rudolph rocking “Reindeer”!

Practicing the rings in preparation for Baby E’s last gymnastics class today!

Up late doing a little Christmas baking!

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