Toddler-Friendly Christmas Crafts


I love everything about Christmas. The lights, the music, the parades and festivities … and the holiday crafts. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better than staying inside on a cold day, turning up the Christmas music, and working on a craft! I’ve been pinning ideas for a while now, and have gathered some of my favorites here. I’ve tried to collect ideas that are toddler-friendly, relatively inexpensive, and don’t require a lot of supplies. I will definitely be trying these with Baby E over the next month. I have actually incorporated many of these crafts into the Advent Calendar that I create for Baby E – some days are an activity such as going to the parade, some days a little gift … and other days the gift is all of the supplies to do a craft together!
DIY Snow Globe by MollyMooCrafts: I saw a lot of snow globe tutorials on Pinterest, some with water, some without. Gather up a jar, glitter, a figurine or two, a glue gun – and you’re good to go!

Popsicle Stick Reindeer Ornament by The Kindergarten Connection: This is a simple craft for little ones. You just need popsicle sticks, paint, red pom poms, googly eyes, ribbon, and glue and you can create a cute homemade ornament for your Christmas tree!

Corn starch and baking soda Ornaments by Full of Great Ideas: I was searching for the salt dough recipe, as I have made this before with Baby E, when I came across this post. These ornaments are beautiful, and the ingredient list is simple (baking soda, corn starch and water). This might make a great gift for grandparents or other family members!

Easy Toddler Christmas Wreath by The Empowered Educator: This looks to be a craft where your toddler can have creative control, and do most of the crafting themselves! You’ll need paper plates, paints, and some crafting odds and ends for decorating the wreaths.

Hand & Foot Print Santa Sleigh by Preschool Activities: This is quite cute, and I love that it uses both hand and foot prints. No instructions required, and very few supplies: paper, paint, markers, and your little one’s hands and feet!

Glass Stained Window Ornaments by ABC Creative Learning: This looks like another craft where your toddler can really take the lead and not need much help to create something beautiful! You just need contact paper, colored tissue paper, black construction paper, pipe cleaners and scissors.

Snowflake Art by Ten kids and a Dog: Baby E and I did this craft at a friend’s house using the first letter of the kids names, and they turned out wonderful. This is a simple, fun, and festive craft that results in more beautiful artwork for your walls!

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