Kids really do say the darndest things 


It’s true, kids really do say the darndest (and cutest!) things. Baby E is 3 1/2 years old now, and she is a little chatterbox! To capture some of the hilarious things she says, we’ve started a Memory Jar. I cut up a bunch of slips of paper, and made a little pocket on the outside of a jar. My husband and I try to record as many of Baby E’s sweet or funny comments as we can. On New Years Eve we open the jar and read the comments together. Best night of the year! I then glue all of the slips of paper into an album so we can look back on the years. It’s a tradition we started a few years ago, and it’s been wonderful.

Here’s a peek at some of the stories currently in our memory jar:

*Baby E and I were having a bubble bath, and she was brushing my hair. She was trying to get me to relax, and said “Mama, close your eyes. Think about lions …”

*Baby E and I were lying in bed one night. She said “Mama, I can’t sleep”. I said “That’s ok, just lie there and relax and listen to me sing”. Two minutes later: “Mama, this is a real problem”.

*Baby E was telling me about the lunch that Daddy made for her the day before: “Mama, Daddy put the green lid on my red (sippy) cup. I don’t love the green lid on the red cup”.

*I was wearing a long skirt that had small slits up the side. Baby E said “Mama, your skirt has a rip!” I said “Oh no sweetie, it’s not ripped. It’s supposed to be like that”. Baby E replied “It’s ok. Nani will fix it”.

*I asked Baby E what she’d had for an afternoon snack at daycare. She said “Envelope”. After thinking about it for a minute, I said “You mean cantaloupe?” Baby E said “Yes, it’s very sweet”.

*Baby E and I walked into the kitchen, and the compost was smelly. I said “Phew! Does it smell funny in here, or is it just me?” Baby E leaned over and sniffed me and said “It’s just you”.

*We were on the ferry home from Vancouver, and Baby E was in my lap and our cheeks were pressed together as I snuggled and kissed her. Daddy said “Aw, look at you two!” Baby E replied “We’re loving each other”.

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