“Enjoy every moment – they grow up too fast”

This post is in response to the Pace Oddity prompt. The prompt states: “If you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, or speed up an event that normally drags on, which would you choose, and why?”

The number one piece of parenting advice I heard when I was pregnant, was “Enjoy every moment – they grow up too fast”. Well, that and “get some sleep now because it’s about to get a whole lot harder!”

Our little girl is already 3 years old, and while the sleeping has gotten much better, I have to say I feel like the years are flying by a bit fast! There are so many amazing moments as a parent. There are many times when I would love to slow down time and just enjoy this amazing time of our lives with our little girl …

I had a migraine the other day. Baby E noticed that something was wrong, and right away asked me “Mama, are you ok?”. When I told her I had a headache, she ran into the kitchen, got an ice pack from the freezer, and grabbed a tea towel to wrap around the ice. She came over, and gently held the ice to my head, and said “Mama, you feel better?”

When I came home from work the other day, I was met with squeals of excitement and laughter. Baby E was sitting in a cardboard box left over from a recent Costco trip, and my husband had attached an old belt to the handle of the box. He was pulling her around the house, the cardboard sliding along the hardwood floors! I love to see how Baby E interacts with her Dad – and how different it can be from our interactions. Daddy may come home and find Baby E and I coloring side by side at the coffee table, or painting a wooden birdhouse … I come home and find him running around the house pulling her in a cardboard box!

Sometimes when Baby E is having troubles falling asleep at night, I lay down beside her and hold her little hand in mine. Moments after I take her hand, she closes her eyes, and drifts off to sleep. I then lie there holding her hand, staring at her sweet face, not ever wanting to let go! (Full disclaimer: this most certainly does not work every night, or I would have never written Get your toddler to bed in these 25 simple steps! But on some magical nights, the stars align!)

My Mom went downtown with Baby E and I the other day, and my sweet Mom sat in the back seat with Baby E while I drove. They were playing with the magnetic board/book that Baby E received for her birthday, and Nani showed Baby E how to draw an “A”. Baby E exclaimed, pure excitement and awe in her voice “Mama! Nani drew an A! All by herself!!”

I love to read, and absolutely love children’s books. We read to Baby E every night before bed, and often during the day as well. One of the best times of day is when we all climb into Baby E’s bed, snuggle under the blanket, and read stories together. It seems that our love of books is being passed along to her. Lately, she has started “reading” stories to us as well. She will hold up a book, or even a piece of paper, and begin her story … “once upon a time…”. The three of us will often feature in the story, as well as favorite places like the park, playground, and sometimes the bakery!!

Of course, not every moment of parenthood is one that I wish to slow down. We do have a 3 year old after all! There are certainly moments that I wouldn’t object to perhaps speeding up, such as the other night at bath time. Baby E loves bubbles in her bath – she can’t get enough bubbles most nights! But on this particular night, Nani was over, and we were just getting her into the bath when Baby E decided it wasn’t a “bubble” bath night! There was no way she was getting in that tub … with those bubbles. So, Nani grabbed strainers from the kitchen, and we worked together to move the bubbles from the bathtub to the sink. Once all of the offending bubbles had been removed, she happily climbed into the tub!

Thankfully, moments like that don’t happen very often, and are always overshadowed by the incredible moments that we share together. Part of me can’t believe that our little girl is already 3. But as much as time is flying by maybe a bit too fast, I can honestly say that each stage seems to be more fun than the last, and we are enjoying (almost!) every moment.

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