Elfie’s 2015 Adventures: Week 1

This isn’t the first year that Elfie has visited us. She visited us once before, and I blogged about her mischievous adventures. At that time, our daughter wasn’t old enough to talk, and we really wanted to give her the opportunity to name Elfie herself. And so our little elf became known simply as Elfie – in line with Baby E’s other animal friends: Fishie, Puppy, Froggy…

This year, Baby E loves Elfie! She wakes up in the morning, and asks me “Where’s Elfie?” and starts the search. And sure enough, she gave Elfie a new name as well: “Elfie Magoo”!

Here are some of Elfie Magoo’s adventures so far:

December 7th: Sharing a Christmas story with friends.

December 8th: Checking up on a good friend!

December 9th: Elfie Magoo loves to play music as much as we do! Here she is having a little late night jam session on the drums!

December 10th: Drawing selfie’s on Baby E’s easel.

December 11th: Gone fishing!

December 12th: Well played Elfie Magoo … Well played …

December 13th: A midnight snack: marshmallows cooked over the bonfire!

We are looking forward to seeing what Elfie Magoo gets up to next week!

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