I wouldn’t be me if it weren’t for my Granny

This post was written in response to this week’s Writing Challenge: Digging for Roots

A lot of people have helped shape me into the person that I am today. My incredible parents, brother, husband, close friends, and most recently my daughter. But I wouldn’t be me if it weren’t for my Granny.

I was extremely fortunate to have grown up living next door to my grandparents. Our houses were literally less than 25 meters apart. I remember my Mom telling me that people used to wonder how she could ever live beside her in-laws. If you knew my grandparents, you’d understand. Living next door to them was the best thing ever.

Our dog certainly felt this way! He would get up every morning and sit patiently at the window watching my grandparent’s house. When he saw their blind go up, he would start to whimper and shake. If the phone rang, he would race to the front door, confident that it was Granny calling to invite him over! Most times it was, but sometimes he would have to return to his spot and resume watching and waiting. He couldn’t wait to go next door. Could it be because Granny and Grandpa occasionally took our dog through the McDonalds drive through for an ice cream? Perhaps! But he also loved them because, like all of us, they always had time for him, and he felt their love.

I remember running back and forth between the two houses. If Granny was baking, I would go over and roll out the dough with her. My favorite was the homemade cinnamon buns – and not the fast acting yeast kind! The real ones, that you had to wait half a day to enjoy! If I wasn’t feeling well, I would go and have a game of Monopoly with Granny. No one in my family ever enjoyed that game as much as I did, but my Granny would never say no to playing with me.

When I learned how to play the piano I would practice in my Granny and Grandpa’s basement. My Granny would sit with me, listening and encouraging me – despite the fact that she was tone deaf. When I created a pretend restaurant with fake menus and dishes, my Granny was one of my best customers.

Every year my Mom and I would make Christmas crafts for our gifts. I would examine my creations, pick out the very best looking ones, and these would go to my Mom and my Granny. And when my brother and I did the raffle draw at our singing and dancing concerts at home … My Granny seemed to always be the one with the lucky ticket number!

My Granny taught me how to be strong. She showed me what a long and loving marriage looks like. She taught me how to be there for your family, and how to show them how much you love them. My Granny was one of my greatest role models, and she helped me become the person that I am today. I miss her every day, but I hope that she’s proud of who I’ve become.

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