This Little Piggy…

In our family, we love music. We listen to music while we cook, eat, shower, play games, or drive in the car. And we love to sing! We have a number of children’s CDs, and we love nursery rhymes.

Baby E definitely has her favorite songs. As much as her Dad and I would love to listen to other songs on our ‘Music Together’ CD, we rarely make it past song #1: “Hello song”. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a great song, and you’ll often catch me singing along in the car. Sometimes I’ll even drop Baby E off and head off to work and it will be 5 or 10 minutes before I realize that I’m still listening (and singing!) to her CD! But on a 30 minute drive to town, listening only to this one minute and ten second song … I’m not going to lie, it has the potential to get a bit tiresome!

She has other favorites as well. On the same (Hello) theme, Nan recently discovered that Baby E loves the song “Little Sir Echo”. This is another wonderful thing about becoming a parent. I had forgotten all about this song, but as soon as I heard my Mom singing it with my daughter, all of the memories came back: singing the song with my parents and brother as we explored little caves on the beach, singing in the bath, and filling long car rides with sing-alongs and rounds!

Our love of music and nursery rhymes is starting to show! The other day we were playing, and ticking Baby E. We wiggled her toes and said “What are these?”. Her immediate response? “Piggies!” I guess we have all been singing a lot of “This Little Piggy went to market” with her!!

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