Weekly Writing Challenge: The Butterfly Effect

*This post was written in response to this week’s Writing Challenge: The Butterfly Effect

As I sit watching my little girl, I think about all of the events that led to her becoming a part of our lives. She is the most important thing to me, and I am so grateful for her and for my family. When I think about the circumstances that led to today, I can’t help but think that her presence here can be traced back to one major decision. A decision that was based on the weather! Baby E is in my life because Victoria is the city with the nicest weather in Canada. Let me explain …

My husband was not born in Canada. He grew up in South America, and only moved here in 2008. When he decided to leave his home country, he only knew that he wanted to come to Canada. He didn’t know where in Canada, so he sat down at his computer and pulled up Google. He typed in “city with the best weather in Canada”. The results were for Victoria, B.C.! With a little research he discovered that Victoria is on an island, and has its own university. Since my husband grew up in warm and sunny South America, the best weather in Canada was a major selling point! And so he began planning his move …

If my husband hadn’t moved to Victoria, we wouldn’t have met at a Salsa lesson in town. We wouldn’t have watched “She’s Just Not That Into You” on our first date – perhaps not the ideal first date movie, but he assured me in urgent whispers throughout the movie that not all men are like that!!! We wouldn’t have dated and continued dancing together, and he wouldn’t have proposed on a clear and cool January day. We wouldn’t have been married on a beach by the ocean … And we wouldn’t have gotten pregnant.

The most beautiful addition to my life, my sweet daughter, is here today because of a decision made from a Google search. I have never been more thankful for Victoria’s good weather.

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