Month 3: Adding to the Baby Essentials

I have previously blogged about the Newborn Essentials for the 1st Month, as well as Month 2: Adding to the Baby Essentials. Well, here is my latest installment! Now that we have all of the basics, there were just a few great pieces that we picked up and added to our growing household full of baby gear!!

  • Boba Carrier: We bought the Boba Carrier 3G from a store in town. As Baby E is getting older, I’m finding that the carrier is a bit easier to use than the Cuddlywrap that we have. The Boba Carrier is much easier and faster to put on, and my husband is just as happy wearing it as I am. Actually, I think that when we go out, he asks to wear it more than I do!! Baby E likes being close to us in the carrier, and often sleeps while inside. One thing that we really liked about the carrier is that it can be used with an infant without the need to buy any extra inserts or anything (like other carriers). If your baby is very small, you can actually set up the carrier to be a bit shorter in the length. Baby E is pretty tall, so we have been using the full length ever since we got it. There is a wonderful evening market here in the summer time, and every week we take Baby E there and wander around and look at the stands, with her in the Boba Carrier. As she gets older, we are excited to also be able to use the the carrier on our backs, where Baby E will be able to look around more!

  • Activity mat/gym: Baby E received the Bright Starts Spots & Stripes Safari Gym from an Auntie and Uncle at our baby shower. In the 3rd month it becaactivitymatme one of Baby E’s very favorite toys! The gym is full of fun toys and things for Baby E to swat at with her hands, and she loves the musical cat that runs the show! Every time we put her on the mat she starts kicking up a storm, and chatting and smiling to her new friends. Our new routine is that we wake up, feed Baby E, and then let her play on the activity mat for about 15 minutes while Mommy has breakfast. I think this might be her favorite time of the day!
  • Crib mobile:  We recently purchased a crib mobile, and Baby E loves it! She will happily lie in her crib watching her little animal friends travel past her!
  • Non-swaddle sleeping bag: It was time to stop swaddling Baby E at bed time, as she was ready for more freedom in her movement. The first sleep sac I purchased was a very cheap cotton one from Toys R Us. This did the trick for a while, but soon the zipper broke and we couldn’t use it anymore. This time, we decided to spend a little bit more money for something that would hopefully last longer. We bought an Aden & Anais sleeping bag and I absolutely love it. It’s warm, cozy, and has been washed numerous times and still looks amazing! This one is going to last us until she outgrows it!
  • iPhone App The Wonder Weeks: The Wonder Weeks app was recommended to us by a friend, and I have to say that it’s pretty cool. It walks you through the stages of development (“leaps”) that your baby goes through. For each leap, you get a description of the stage, skills that your baby may be exhibiting, and ways that you can support and encourage your baby. There’s also a fun little chart that shows when your baby may be experiencing a fussy period due to development – these periods are displayed using a dark cloud and lightning!!

These items have been added to our ever increasing number of baby things – I can’t believe how different our house looks than it did three months ago!! Are there any other things that your baby loves at this age?

Please share your thoughts!

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