Month 2: Adding to the Baby Essentials

When you have a baby, everyone tells you to enjoy every moment as it all goes by too quickly. We heard this so many times while we were pregnant. I always smiled and nodded, but thought it might just be something that people ‘say’. Well, I am now one of those people! It’s true, time does go quickly, and babies change and grow every day – before we knew it, Baby E was already 2 months old!

Previously, I blogged about my personal list of Newborn Essentials for the 1st month. As Baby E grew, we found that there were a few new items that became useful during the 2nd month. Here is my list and my thoughts for Month 2:

  • A good stroller: my incredible grandfather bought us a stroller as a baby gift. Choosing a stroller felt like buying a new car, and I have to admit that I was a little overwhelmed! We agonized a bit between getting the BOB Revolution that so many of our friends had purchased, and the Baby Jogger City Elite. In the enstrollerd, we went for the Baby Jogger, and I am so happy that we did. Our main reasons were: it’s super easy to fold up (simply undo 2 snaps – conveniently marked in red – and pull up on the strap marked ‘pull to fold’); the adjustable handlebar enabled us to easily raise the handle to accommodate my 6’2″ husband; the stroller has a large canopy that is useful in both rain and on hot sunny days; the wheels are not air-filled and therefore will not deflate when out for a stroll around our neighborhood; and the windows on the canopy use magnetic closures – meaning that when you want to peek in to check that baby is sleeping, you won’t wake her up by opening a noisy velcro window flap! We live in a neighborhood with bumpy roads, and numerous dirt trails connecting the streets – we are so happy to have a stroller that we can use to take Baby E out for walks to enjoy the beautiful nature around us!
  • Clothing: By Month 2, Baby E had graduated from wearing sleepers 24 hours a day, to real clothing! Baby E was born in May, so she soon started wearing onesies with pants, and then little summer dresses. It has been a lot of fun shopping for little girl clothing and we have found some great deals around town, including: Walmart, Carters, Sears, The Bay, H&M, and Joe Fresh.
  • Soothers: We went back and forth on whether to use a soother with Baby E. There are a lot of varying opinions out there, and it’s up to each parent to decide what’s best for them and their baby. In the end, we decided to use a soother with Baby E, and have found it very helpful when she is tired, but having troubles falling asleep. The first type of soother we got Baby E was not a hit, and we had to try a different brand. This one she loved! But I have talked to other mothers whose baby liked the opposite soother, so I guess each baby has their own preference. I also found a little soother carrier (JJ Cole Collections pacifier pod). This turned out to be a great purchase! I snap the carrier onto my diaper bag or our stroller, and wherever we go we have a clean soother handy!
  • Diaper bag with portable change station: For me, this was another important purchase. I knew that I would be using the diaper bag every day, and wanted it to be functional, but not so functional that it looses all style! I actually did a lot of research and read a lot of diaper bag reviews before settling on my bag. This was the one area where I kind of splurged, as I knew I would get a lot of use out of this bag. I ended up getting a Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall … and I have to say, I love it! There are various different compartments both inside and outside the bag that hold all of the little items that I now need with me at all times. The bag can be worn in 3 ways: over the shoulder with a longer strap, held by two shorter purse straps, or attached to the stroller (you have to buy the clips separately for this, but it’s been extremely useful). And my favorite part? Unzip one side of the diaper bag and you have an instant change table that can be used anywhere! To give you an idea of how big the bag is, here is what I typically carry in the bag for Baby E: 2 bottles, nursing cover, sunglasses, 2 hats, 3 wash cloths, 2 onesies, 1 pair of pants, 1 sleeper, 1 sweater, 1 pair of socks, 1 receiving blanket, 8 diapers, diaper wipes, diaper cream, and my wallet, phone and keys. Not bad!! A diaper bag that is functional, and looks good! Now, I must admit that my husband is not very keen on carrying this “girly purse” (as he says) – instead, if I’m going to be carrying baby, he packs the essentials in his black knapsack!

These three items may not be essential for the 2nd month, but we enjoyed them none the less:

  • Baby Swing: We borrowed this Fisher Price Cradle ‘n Swing from a friend, and noticed that Baby E really started to enjoy it in Month 2. The swing itself provides a gentle rocking motion that she always found soothing. She got so that she loved the bird mobile so much that she would look up and stare at the birds the moment I put her in the swing! The swing also has a music setting which came in handy many nights when Baby E was fussy – I would be rocking her in my arms, but playing music from the swing! She loved the music and it always seemed to calm her down. Boy, did I ever get to know those songs!
  • Side Sleeper: We borrowed this Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper from a friend as well. In Month 2, we found that we started going out more, often to friends and family’s houses for dinner. At this point, Baby E was still quite happy to sleep anywhere, so we would take the side sleeper with us and set her up beside the dining table. This enabled us all to often sit down and eat at the same time, instead of eating in shifts and taking turns holding Baby E (not that anyone minded)!
  • Baby book: my Mom gave me a really sweet baby book that is basically a calendar with little stickers for each major event (first smile, first tooth, etc.). In Month 2 I finally felt like I had a tiny bit of spare time, and started recording Baby E’s firsts in this calendar! I know that when Baby E was born, I asked my Mom to see MY baby book, and was interested in seeing how old I was when I reached each of those early milestones! So hopefully Baby E will enjoy looking at her book of memories one day too.

Are there any other items that you found useful in your baby’s 2nd month? Let me know! And stay tuned for Month 3!

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