Blue’s Bayou Cafe: Dinner with a view

My husband and I met over 4 years ago at a Salsa dance class. He had moved here from South America, and was helping the instructor with a beginner class. Guess who was taking the beginner class, and was quickly woo’d by the smooth Salsa steps of the instructor’s helper!?

When we began dating, my husband told me that young couples in South America often count the months that they have been dating. So we began the tradition of celebrating our Monthiversary! Every month, on the date that we began dating, we would choose a restaurant that we hadn’t been to before and have a lovely dinner together. Over our first year or two, we rarely repeated a restaurant – using this as a chance to try new experiences.


Four years later, and we are still celebrating this special tradition. Our most recent Monthiversary was spent at Blue’s Bayou Café in Brentwood Bay. We have actually been to this restaurant once before for a Monthiversary, and a few times with family and friends, but it’s a favorite of ours in the summer time. With the beautiful weather (24 degrees plus!) we’ve been having this past week, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to relax and enjoy the sunshine and the view from the deck of Blue’s Bayou! Also, with baby on the way in a few short weeks, we thought we should celebrate our May Monthiversary a little early.

We actually had a Groupon for Blue’s Bayou, which was a fabulous deal. We started with the Voodoo Dippin Cauldron, a delicious dip served with warm cornbread and tortilla chips. I then had the Bayou salad, while my husband had the Gator Gumbo. Both were delicious, and my husband loved the 2nd round of warm cornbread with his appy! For an entree, I had the Bayou chicken – “pecan encrusted chicken breast and mango chutney cream cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry”. I had it with mashed potatoes and a nice array of fresh veggies. My husband had the Jambalaya, filled with jumbo shrimp, chicken, and andouille sausage. We both loved our meals, and it was that much more perfect because we were sitting on a deck looking out over the ocean. A beautiful evening, and the perfect way to celebrate our 51st Monthiversary together!!!


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